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Company Registration in Belarus

Company Registration in Belarus
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all issues of registration of a company or an individual entrepreneur (bisinessman) in belarus are regulated by the president decree from 16.01.2009 , which came into force on february, 1st, 2009. the decree has radically improved the procedure of registration, but has not simplified a life to future businessmen as many counted on it. this act states an application procedure for registration of business in our country.

since this moment registering bodies will not check any more the content of constituent documents of legal bodies at submitting of documents for registration, and also will not supervise a procedure of their preparation. however, the decree does not cancel necessity of observance of all rules concerning preparation of constituent and other documents at establishment of business, no less than observance of the procedure of business creation by founders, heads of legal bodies and individual businessmen.

only technical part of process of starting a new business in minsk and belarus - input of data about the company or businessman into the uniform state register - becomes simpler. moreover, the present order shifts all responsibility for possible errors admitted by preparation of documents for registration (including non-observance of the procedure of creation of legal persons) on founders, heads of the legal persons and individual businessmen.

    and the sanction for these errors can be:
  1. declaration of the state registration of the company or the individual businessman void, and collecting into the state budget of the incomes received for all period of business activity. this collecting of the incomes is carried out irrespectively of the term which has passed from the date of registration of the company or the individual businessman

therefore, in order to avoid misunderstanding of legal rules and sanctions for their violation we recommend to contact professional lawyers in minsk and belarus. lawyers of law office "femida" know all legal base regulating the procedure of creation and registration of a company or an individual businessman, and also possess sufficient experience and practice to react operatively to all changes.

    we provide legal services for registration of:
  1. a firm in the forms of a limited liability company (llc), an additional liability company, a joint-stock company
  2. a unitary enterprise (with only one founder)
  3. any amendments to constituent documents (charter, constitutive agreement) of legal persons
  4. reorganization of companies (merges and acquisitions)
  5. a representative office of a foreign company
  6. an individual businessman

registration of your business with assistance of our lawyers is quick, convenient and economical! moreover, we will help you not only to establish and register a company in minsk and belarus, but are also ready to accompany legally your business further:

  • to prepare all legal documentation, and to make a legal audit of documents;
  • to advise at fulfilment of various transactions,
  • to assist in negotiations while drawing up contracts, labour agreements, etc.;
  • to represent your interests in courts.

please note! we do not provide legal service or advice on representing the interests of the client in the civil or criminal procedure.

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