юридическая помощь Debt Collection in Belarus

Debt Collection in Belarus

Debt Collection in Belarus

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legal assistance in debt collection in Minsk and Belarus

procedure of collecting of debts includes three basic stages

  1. claims (a pre-judicial procedure)
  2. preparation of suits and proceeding
  3. execution of court decisions

we provide legal assistance in minsk and belarus to the clients on each of these stages:

  • pre-judicial settlement of disputes (preparation of claims, participation in negotiations with representatives of debtors, preparation and coordination of plans on debts repayment)
  • proceeding (preparation of suits, representation of interests in litigation)
  • execution (preparation of documents, legal maintenance of activity of judicial executors on collecting of debts from the debtor)

thus you have the right to choose volume of necessary legal services in minsk and belarus:

  • to be limited to our help till the moment of issue of the court decision (and to be engaged in the decision execution independently)
  • to take advantage of our help at all stages of collecting debts

moreover, your expenses on payment of our services in preparation of documents and representation of interests in courts will be laid on the debtor.

please note! we do not provide legal service or advice on representing the interests of the client in the civil or criminal procedure in minsk and belarus.

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